Race & Justice

Inclusive Economy


An inclusive economy is critical for the support of the black ecosystem. The NAACP will continue supporting statewide economic development work, helping our state conference implement statewide efforts to promote the growth of business ownership, entrepreneurship, and career advancement within the private and public sectors, providing financial literacy and engagement strategies statewide, creating a space for black led technology innovation in conjunction with the other NAACP Gamechangers

The Economic Development Committee implements statewide strategies in alignment with the NAACP national Inclusive Economy initiative. The Committee partners with statewide organizations and leaders to develop and support existing programs utilizing a organization and community-informed approach. The committee focuses on building Black wealth in to address the racial wealth and economic disparities that occur statewide. Partnerships with Urban Leagues and The State of Ohio Collective helps to address system, structural, and institutional based racism, while addressing asset building and wealth creation.

Community Informed

Build Black Wealth

Narrow Racial
Wealth Gap


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