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The State of Ohio NAACP and the Ohio Department of Health hosted a series of COVID-19 Vaccine Train-the-Trainer workshops, supporting events, and PSAs over the next few weeks. They are part of collaborations, partnerships, and engagements launched by The State of Ohio NAACP in support of the NAACP Gamechanger Pillars, Health and Education. Additional partners assisting in the deployment of these events included The Divine 9, The State of Ohio Collective, and numerous other community partners and nonprofit organizations.

Train-the-Trainer is a process for training community influencers, leaders, instructors and subject matter experts to help them train other people they live, work, and play with about the facts of COVID-19 vaccination. The expected outcomes were:

Increased education about the COVID-19 vaccine

Understanding vaccination hesitancy

Learning how to instruct additional people with whom they have daily contact

The initial toolkits and training provided to the NAACP and their partners and collaborators were created in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health. There are now new, diverse signature events that are unique to each participating State of Ohio NAACP conference unit and its leadership.

Additionally, The NAACP and its partners are reaching out to their local community foundations to request and expand their financial support for pandemic resources due to racism as a health crisis. You will be able to find more information about the NAACP


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