Dr Willis Gordon
Armed Services & Veterans Affairs Chair


Willis Gordon, seeks solutions and ways to improve the lives of black veterans. He is a business owner and entrepreneur at his company Gordon Enterprises.

Gordon is a community organizer, author, musician, entrepreneur and veteran of the War on Terror. He tackles problems at the community level and is committed to the improvement of our communities through art, action, and inclusion. He organized the “Rock the Block” voter registration concert in 2016, and as Chairman of Political Action and Community Outreach for the Stark County NAACP, he spearheaded local efforts on police reform in 2020. A firm optimist, Gordon believes love is not just tender, but tough, and the only way the arc if history bends towards justice is through the hard work of ordinary people.

He mediates and negotiates between protestors and the police. He has interacted and built lasting relationships with local and national political figures in order to bring about political changes.