Michael W. McIntyre
Economic Justice Chair


Michael W. McIntyre is an accomplished Community Servant who has served the Steubenville, Ohio community for over 30 years. Michael has served as a mentor, coach,m. He is the President of The Steubenville Community Inc. since 2001 when he founded the organization. Michael is an advocate of economics and black youth. Through his past advocacy work, he joined the NAACP, where he is now President of the Steubenville branch.

Michael has been a member of the NAACP for 20 years, serving as a working member, an Education Chair for 10 Years, Vice-President for 8 years, and President for 5 years. Michael is the owner PKWMac Agency which is a management and consulting Business. He has a BA Michael has a BA in Organizational Leadership and Development from Wheeling University.