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The Challenge of Blackness

A Poem by Tom Roberts Reimagined from Jerome Bennett

The challenge of the NAACP is the challenge of internalizing the newborn gamechangers. It is a challenge letting our light shine.  Not only because it is our light, But the world in which we live, the light we reflect, is the only light left.

Areas Of Focus

Our youth are the future leaders of the NAACP and are the leaders of today.  They are not silent partners in the NAACP, they are our future, and need to be heard right now. It is critical that the NAACP has a model that embraces youth.  We must learn how to co-lead with with young people and individuals all along the …

Youth Summit

In 2021, Jaylen Alford, Immediate Past Youth & College Division President and Lt. Col Claudia Mason, Youth & College Advisor, led the first and very successful virtual NAACP Ohio Youth Summit.

Kayelin Tiggs, Ms. Ohio for America served as a moderator Camille Hall –  Cofounder of the Young Black professional of Springfield Ohio

TiAja Perry
Youth & College Division President

TiAja Perry is a currently a Junior majoring in Political Science at Central State University. Perry aspires to be a lawyer and to help change the world by dismantling racism.

Perry is focused on being a fair leader. She states, “I have learned that being President isn’t always about making executive decisions and being demanding. It requires someone to be patient, insightful and authentically themselves. I am not only a leader but a team player. I plan to instill and abide by my personal moral of equality for all.’

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